This is the website home for my work and thoughts. I specialize in UXD, content strategy, SEO and Social Media Marketing.


This is a compilation of my work samples showcasing my skills in user experience and visual design, internet marketing and business communications,

This page is a perpetual work in progress, so don’t mind me as I work to add some details about each project and update my portfolio.


Need a great user experience architect, internet enthusiast, or writer/ communicator, on your team? Learn more about my service offering and let me help.

Hey! I’m so glad you found me.

I bet now you’re curious to find out what exactly it is that I do… and if I can help you.  Well, take a look for yourself at some of the services I offer, and hopefully you’ve found that I may be just what you’re looking for. If you’re still unsure, send me a quick note and I’ll do my very best to get you what you need.

User Experience Design
What is a user experience anyway? In a broad sense, it describes any interaction a user has with a brand’s touchpoints.  In the case of the user experience designer, the touchpoints for which we are most concerned are the ones that are interactive, such as: a website, a web, desktop or mobile application or other software. An impactful user experience is intuitive of the end user’s needs, and intentions; whilst also making considerations of business objectives and maintaining the brand identity. A deeply complicated and broadly skilled sort, we user experience designers must be business savvy, technologically adroit, and empathetic to the user.

There are several subsets of User Experience which I practice, and are a large part of my service offering that include:

    Information Architecture – the organization of the system (website or application) infrastructure so that elements are easily and logically navigable and findable.
    Interface Design – the devising of a complex system and structuring of its behaviors with users.
    Prototyping – the static or interactive digital simulations of the final interface.
    Content Strategy – the development of textual and rich media content for an organizations interactive touchpoints, cognizant of specific parameters such as: existing content, marketing campaigns, SEO strategy, business objectives, users and user needs.
    User Research – the defining of users and system requirements.
    Usability Testing – the evaluation of how users are interacting with a system.
Internet / Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is truly a science of influence and manipulation to build a brand’s online visibility and perceived authority. A truly gifted “scientist” will first work at “on-page” optimization by actively improving the user experience of a website, in addition to developing valuable content, and tweaking the code and navigation structure. And, then emphasize efforts on an “off-page” strategy that may include paid advertising, link building and online promotional campaigns.

Areas of SEM in which I specialize are:

    Search Engine Optimization – employing several different tactics to improve search engine rankings whereby increasing inbound traffic and generating warm leads.
    Social Media Marketing – utilizing social media networks to build customer relationships, promote products and content and establish a solid presence in online communities.
    Brand Reputation Management – a stem of public relations whereby the primary focus is on the search results and the online perception of a brand. It includes: the monitoring of negative reviews, comments and misinformation; creating positive online PR; developing, publishing and promoting relevant content; and creating an opportunity for, or increasing online community participation.
Website Development

In a perfect world, everyone with a service or product offering not only has a website, but a great website, congnizant of the needs of their users. But in reality that is just not the case. In fact, many companies and consultants either don’t have a website, or don’t have a very good one at all. Even worse is the case of those that not only have a bad website, but don’t even know how to manage it. This is a service area where I can help immensely. Being a huge proponent of website owners maintaining their own websites (or at least not being too intimidated to do so), naturally I gravitate towards pragmatic solutions like content management systems, such as WordPress.

Let me help you with your website, I shine in this area:

  • Commercial WordPress Theme Configuration
  • Custom WordPress Theme Development
  • Hosting & Storage Setup
Business Communications & Writing

Yes. It’s true. I have the “gift of gab”. I can pretty much boast about my abilities in this area. I can write within any medium, in any tone about any subject; and sound like an expert. “How,” you ask? Well, for one I enjoy reading the thesaurus for new words to expand my vocabulary (I’m serious). I also approach writing similarly to that of a scientific formula. I research, organize my thoughts, find my voice (or yours) and let the rest happen naturally. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

Or, you can just test out my services and be the judge:

  • Website Content Development
  • Marketing Copy
  • Marketing Plans
  • Business Proposals
  • Blog Writing
  • Online Community Management
  • Articles & Reviews
  • Professional Biographies
  • Resumé Writing
Graphic Design

You need something designed and haven’t a clue as to how to go about it. Well, not everyone has artistic capabilities. Some of us do better in the area of ideation… and then again some of us are just not talented in this area at all. Like 2 left feet on the dance floor, just plain old clumsy and clueless. That’s ok. I don’t want to brag, but I do alright in this particular realm. I like to think of this as a public service even (gotta do my part). You know, to help those artistically handicapped (hmm, maybe its more P.C. to say “creatively challenged”).

I can take over from here:

  • Logo Design
  • Print Design
  • Graphic Page Layout
  • Power Point Template Design
  • Power Point Presentations


With this blog I hope to engage, inform, and discuss with you all things related to technology, interaction and visual design, and internet marketing. I welcome all comments so feel free to share your thoughts!

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Leah’s love for everything that starts or ends with the letters UX is almost as infectious as her laugh. Beyond her acute sense of style and true passion for music, “Le” is into anything technology-related, and when she is not preaching about the superiority of Apple computers over Microsoft, she is surfing “The Net” for  anything she can pin to her Pinterest wall. Leah specializes in UX, content strategy, SEO and Social Media Marketing. She is also the co-owner of indie urban music label Illregular Instrumentals and boutique music marketing company Iconoclast Multimedia.

Below is my resume, a list of applications and technologies that I frequently use in my work, followed by a self-assessed score of my skill level.



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