Best Jobs In Malaysia

Best Jobs In Malaysia

Malaysia has one of the richest economies in the world and is an ever-growing hub for the top industries in the world. The country is an extremely attractive place for people to work because of the exciting opportunities on offer and the high wages. Malaysia offers one of the highest standards of living in the world, not just Asia.

Securing quality jobs in Malaysia requires a high level of drive and determination because people apply from all over the globe. Competition is fierce but that should spur you on to succeed rather than shying away from the challenge.

This helpful guide will show you what the most popular jobs in Malaysia are, and will give you tips on how to succeed during your hunt for employment.

Visas And Permits – Working Legally In Malaysia

Firstly, it is important to note that working in Malaysia on a tourist visa is illegal. Working without the correct type of visa and work permit could result in you being deported from the country and banned from entering for either a temporary or permanent length of time. Research your options regarding visas and permits before applying for any jobs in the country. This will prevent any legal hassles later on during your career.

Business Consultant

Due to Malaysia’s reputation as a hub for dozens of top industries, there is a constant need for experienced business consultants to advise companies about best practices and how to maximise company profits. Only those with a proven track record will be able to compete in this sector because the competition for consultancy jobs is extremely fierce. Consultants can expect to earn in the top-bracket of expat salaries because their advice can ultimately make the difference between the success and failure of a company.

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The standard of healthcare in Malaysia is extremely high. The country consistently ranks inside the worldwide top 10 for the quality of its public and private hospitals. Surgeons are key to the success of Malaysian hospitals, and the country attracts some of the top talents from around the globe. Again, competition is extremely fierce as Malaysian universities provide highly-skilled surgeons who compete with expats for jobs at the top hospitals in the country.

IT Consultant

The information technology industry has grown rapidly in Malaysia, and dozens of leading companies from around the world have a foothold in the region. Malaysia offers IT experts from around the world the chance to earn a high salary whilst assisting companies with their IT systems.

Project Manager

In such a fast-paced work environment, it is important that Malaysian companies have the best project managers at their disposal. Due to the stress load and the complex nature of project managing, expat salaries for this job are extremely rewarding.

Finding a high-paying job in Malaysia requires a lot of skill and determination. The challenges offered by these roles are rewarded by extremely good wages. Why not start applying for jobs today?